Spring Fishing Report March Madness is ON!

Big Horn, North Platte, Green, Shoshone rivers and more!

By Dan Pass - March 18th, 2022

!Springtime is here and it's MARCH MADNESS    
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Welcome to our Spring Edition Fishing Report.

With March Madness comes the start of the big BWO hatches, so have your rs-2 and other baetis patterns handy.  Sometimes they are really small down to a 24 up to a size 16.  Fish the nymph early in the morning, the emerger late morning, the adult mid day to afternoon and then a spent bwo pattern when fish are slurping in the late afternoon.  These fish can be tough to catch on dry, but a blast when you do, have fun!  

No secret, sow bugs are the hot ticket, we find pink/tan ish is the color on sunny days and green/grey ish on cloudy days, but experiment with that. Just about every river has sowbugs, the Big Horn and even North Platte are full of em.  A great rig is a sow bug to an emergy of the day!

Midges are still working great and will well into May.  Some days it's purple, some days red, black, brown, green, as it warms up you can start to upsize your flies to 14-18 instead of 18-24!   Best to have patterns imitating the cycles of the midge life span i.e. nymph, pupae, emerger, adult life cycles.   

We don't have anything against any one that uses eggs, we have some in stock. Just be sure to not fish them on Redds, the cleared off areas on the bottom of river you see or sometimes even a big long shallow run.  So just another freindly reminder to myself as well, we all need to lay off fishing to spawning fish or walking in the areas that may be Redds.  Fish the run downstream and catch the non-spawning fish eating eggs instead!

Streamer fishing honestly won't pick up until big runoff/rain storms or higher water released from the dams. It's been quiet, if you find a cloudy or bad weather day that will be the day to pull streamers.  The water has just been too low on the Horn or Platte, but on the Green & Shoshone, it's game on!

One of the biggest thing to keep in mind fishing any river is the Sun.  A bright day, the fish are deeper, you need a longer leader, better presentation, better approach, etc.   Cloudy rainy day, fish the edges of the river and seems along shallow and deep, the fish are there eating.  Taking that a step further, I forget the formula now in my older years, but there is something like bright days use bright colors and dark days use dark colors. Same thing about the sunlight during the day whether bright or cloudy.  A lot of that influences what colors of the same fly will work.  I.E. Red is always a great morning or late late afternoon choice.  Black on overcast days is a killer. White, cream or lighter colors work on a sunny day.  Thinks that's right, keep it in mind and experiment.

Spring is pretty self explanatory in Wyoming...just get up here and the fishing is great!!!

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Who is Thermopolis Fly Shop & Two Rivers Inn?   Thermopolis Fly Shop is a fairly new store that offers guided fishing, shuttles, flies and gear.  Two Rivers Inn is a 10 room smaller motel located close to the Big Horn River.  Dan Pass the owner grew up in Golden, CO and cutt his teeth on the South Platte in Cheesman Canyon, Rio Grande,Gunnison and Colorado rivers. After living in Yellowstone one year, Dan realized this was the place he wants to be, and years later a hotel purchase turned into a guided fishing trip business and now a fly shop.  Our goal is to offer people fun & affordable lodging & guided fly fishing/hunting trips along with multi day excursions to share the great sport of fly fishing in the beautiful state of Wyoming.

Where do we work?  We are permitted with several different land agencies in Wyoming to offer guided fly fishing and hunting trips, outings and excursions on parts of the Green River going into and out of Fontenelle, the Wind River below Boysen Reservoir, the Wind River near Dubois, WY, the Popo Agie near Lander, WY, the Powder River, the North Fork of the Shoshone, South Fork of the Shoshone and Shoshone below Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Big Horn, Greybull, Wood, Savery Creek & High Savery Reservoir, Paintrock, Shell and last but not least Grey Reef North Platte to Casper, Wyoming. With more applications submitted, we hope to have even more offerings.  For Fishing Reports, weather and more information please visit www.tworiversinnwy.com. 

Shuttles: We only offer river shuttles for the Big Horn River in and around Thermopolis,Wyoming. 

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