Big Horn Flooded....

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In a rare storm, the Big Horn River in Thermopolis has flooded to epic proportions.... causing HUGE rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout to come out of their hiding places.  Residents are being told to not swim in the river as many attacks have been reported.   Brain says "I was wading in the river and what appeared to be a large goldfish jumped in the air, slapped me in the face with his tail knocking me over and as I fell I was attacked by a school of Wyoming suckers!  He further remarked..."I've never seen fish this big, everything I hooked broke me off and I swear they were laughing!"   Brian later reported that there is no reason to use anything below 4x on these monsters, telling us he thinks you need at least 3x to land one of these beasts.   Boats are still able to get down the river but use caution and wear your life vest in the FLOOD, as reports have been made that when fishing leeches, sow bugs, midges and bwo patterns at around 7-11 feet depending on depth, fish will become so aggressive once hooked it's been reported they've pulled anglers overboard.  One such angler named Shane, told us, "it was like I had hooked Moby Dick, he pulled me face first in the river and then wrapped me up in the fishing line, broke my rod, but thankfully my friend Chad had the big net and got me back in the boat with a 24.5" cuttbow! 

Along with the flood all other hotels and motels have been washed down river, your only dry lodging option is a the Two Rivers Inn, located at 401 Park St. Thermopolis, WY 82443, investigators report.  Ben, the manager, told us, "We just have the location, so close to the river and hot springs, but we didn't go down river with the rest of them!"   We expect the flood waters to recede soon as the Wyoming Whiskey plant uses the water to make more whiskey for the thirsty tourists.  Dan offered: "The Whiskey plant is only about 8 miles away; we're heading there for more to get us through this!"   The good news is the warm weather is here and dry roads will lead you safely into Thermop to some of the best fishing we've seen in years.  

You need to experience this flood of huge fish on your own, jump in the car and get here before it's over!

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