March Fishing Update

Big Horn North Platte Rivers

By Dan Pass - March 5, 2021

Early March Fishing Report
The days are starting to get warmer and the fish have been moving around a lot more but are still holding lower in the water column. Multiple fish have been spotted on redds and with the warmer weather more fish will be moving onto their spawning beds so PLEASE make sure to watch where you’re wading and try and not fish to actively spawning fish if and when you see them. Since the fish have typically been sitting lower in the water and are still fairly lethargic we have been doing well fishing 6.5-7.5 feet to an AB and a #4 or an AB and a BB to really slow it down on some of those harder days when the fish just aren’t wa nting to commit. Egg patterns have been producing, as well as midges, annelids, San juans, scuds and sows, leeches, and streamers in olive and white. BWO’s have been spotted a couple times so make sure you have some baetis nymphs handy if you see any flying around.

Hot flies for nymphing include Ray Charles, RS2’s, pine squirrel leeches, fusions, zebra midges, sparkle worms.

Hot flies for streamers include Rusty Trombones, mini Sex Dungeon’s, Goldie’s, and Sparkle Minnows. 


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Wind River below Boysen (Big Horn in Thermopolis) - 620.5CFS


North Platte water flow below Grey Reef: 452 CFS


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