Big Horn River Fishing Report

October 2020

By Dan Pass - October 16, 2020

We are excited to share that we now sell Wyoming Fishing Licenses! Come grab your license, pick up a few of the latest flies, talk fishing because this is the best time of the can catch fish on dries, nymphs and streamers! The Big Horn is running about 850cfs, lower than usual, offering great fishing using BWO's, Trico's, Pseudos, Caddis and still a few Hopper and Ant takes. Keep a leach or small bait fish pattern on your nymph rig or a worm as an attractor. The brown trout have not started to spawn, but still please be aware of any cleaned off gravel. If you see a REDD or any fish paired up spawning, please do not walk on or fish to them. It's hard to pass up a big fish laying in the shallows, but doing so preserves this great sport and pastime for future generations. The bad news....the moss is still pretty bad in the river so when you do hook up a fish, it's crucial to keep your slack line tight and keep that fishes head out of the moss, keep it from diving. Better to break it off trying to keep it out of the moss rather than let it get into the moss....because once it chance! Lots of fish sizes...for the first time in several years we have different year classes of fish, 10-12 inchers, 14-16 inchers, 18-20 and we are hooking...harder to in the 24"+ category! We'd be honored to have you stay with us, we have one boat we rent out for $150 a day, our guided full day trips are still only $450 a day and we offer cast-n-blast trips for $650, our shuttle rates if you have your own boat are 25-45 depending on section floated. 307-864-3499, thank you!!!
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