Fishing & Hunting Location 

Miracle Mile, Wyoming

Imagine walking along one of the most bountiful rivers, filled with monster trout of varying degrees and witnessing one of the most picturesque landscapes on the horizon. Hear the water ripple along a shallow surface bed as the birds chirp just above the bubbling flow. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of some wildlife in the plains or along the banks in search of their own refreshing snack or a drink. Whether your fishing from the bank or suiting up and wading out into the water, there’s plenty of opportunities for having one of your best days fishing - EVER.

Now understand that this isn’t just a dream, this utopia exists in real life and you can visit it to find out for yourself. Make this dream into a reality and start making plans to gather your friends, pack up your equipment, and get out to not only enjoy one of the best adventures you’ll ever experience while fishing but also create memories that will last a lifetime.


Located along the North Platte River in central Wyoming, there is a certain stretch known as ‘The Miracle Mile’ due to its abundance of fish and history of plentiful hauls by all those who test its waters. Between the Kortes and Pathfinder Reservoirs, the fishing doesn’t come easy but for those who enjoy the chase and thrill of getting a big one, this area should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit.

What to Expect

Nature is in full control along these banks where public access is plentiful but getting to a spot can provide its own adventure. Fishing skills and bait selection will be tested where utilizing flies familiar to the natural surroundings of these large trout can be an added bonus, but once one of the big ones strike and tug on the line - it makes every minute of the trip worth completing all over again, and many do.


Being a tailwater fishery indicates the end results of a trip may be plentiful anytime of the year but accessing ‘The Miracle Mile’, one needs to take into account current conditions and forecast. Given the location and surrounding mountains, weather can change quickly along the river, so being prepared for just about anything is important.


People come from all over to test their angling skills against the trout here mainly because of their size and the surrounding scene. However, the variety of different trout available to be caught also offers an experience unlike any other on the planet. Both Rainbow and Brown trout are common types found in these waters but opportunities also exist to snag Cutthroat, Carp, Walleye, and other fish.

Add in the beautiful surroundings with a chance to bag monster fish and ‘The Miracle Mile’ quickly escalates into a can’t miss opportunity. One of the best spots in all the world for outdoor adventure and anglers of any skill level, good times - like the fish - are plentiful while trying these majestic waters. Whether from the banks or immersed among them, the thrill of wetting a line here in Wyoming is a unique experience unlike any other.

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