Fishing & Hunting Location 

Grey Reef, Wyoming

Finding a quality spot to test the waters out west can be a risky proposition but one stretch of river stands out above all the rest. When a legitimate area for fishing surfaces, typically the word spreads like wildfire. For this reason, many anglers are tight lipped about places where the fish are plentiful but there’s one area that not only comes with a prestigious reputation but also remains nearly untouched and can take even the most modern day outdoorsman back in time. The North Platte River and in particular, the stretch known as Grey Reef, provides arguably the best Rainbow trout fishing experience in the entire world.

Not only can you seemingly take a step back in time with virtually uninhabited surrounding natural landscapes, but all along the river there’s opportunity for serious reflection. As people forged their way into the west centuries ago these exact waters served as their life source. An ability to refresh not only every person and animal, these rivers provided another plentiful harvest - food. The abundance of fish and wildlife all along the banks of this river remains today and individuals fortunate enough to wade into these waters will exit with lifelong memories.


North Platte River begins in northern Colorado before flowing into Wyoming and running over through Nebraska. Over 700-miles of water moving slowly through numerous twists and turns all along with the Grey Reef serving as an inviting sanctuary for fishing enthusiasts. Fortified by Grey Reef Dam, there’s roughly an 8-mile strand of waterway that serves as a welcoming fisherman’s paradise.

What to Expect

Mountains are evident all around as this span of waterway isn’t blocked with tree cover or much foliage of any kind. The plains stretch out from the river banks and fish are plentiful. Average size for trout along here run about 18 inches and 10-plus pounds. Fishing from the banks, boats, or within the waters themselves all can provide an enriching and entertaining time.


The Wyoming climate varies by season but overall is an enjoyable and inviting pattern of weather. While the winds can shift at any time leading to pop-up thunderstorms and rainfall in some of the valleys below surrounding mountains, the plains open up for winds to be brisk on occasion. Anglers should be prepared for all types of weather while being cognizant of their surroundings - especially since the monstrous fish and excitement that comes with landing a potential record breaker can certainly serve to distract from Mother Nature.


A Rainbow lovers dream, there are still plenty of other trout species swimming freely within the Grey Reef. While some areas of the river are located on private lands, there are plenty of chartered trips and public access areas available. Even the latter can provide unique experiences of solitude without having to wait in order to simply cast a line.

The Grey Reef presents opportunities for those of all skill levels. Individuals who are just beginning will immediately get to witness the thrill when there’s a pull on the line, bringing them back time and time again. For more seasoned patrons, getting to experience one of their favorite sports in a prize location can serve as a dream come true. Gather your friends, pack your gear, and come wet a line in Wyoming - where fly fishing dreams come true.

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