Fishing & Hunting Location 

The Bighorn River, Wyoming

Located in a remote part of Wyoming, Big Horn River is renowned as one of the best fishing spots for anglers, as plenty of fishermen make the trek to this place every year. It’s no wonder why, as there is plenty of cutthroat and rainbow trout to be had. Many people make the trip out to this location for the bountiful amount of fish as well as the picturesque settings where the river is located. Individuals seeking a serene and peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living will find Big Horn River to be one of the best places for a vacation. This high desert area is an ideal pilgrimage for anglers seeking to venture outdoors and discover their own slice of fishing heaven. 

One of the biggest reasons why Big Horn River remains a popular attraction for anglers from all over the country (and the world) is the fact that this tributary of the Yellowstone has a high population of fish, as biologists counted approximately 3,000 trout per mile of the river in October of 2014, a record high for the river. With that many fish swimming along the river, it’s no wonder that Big Horn River is a popular attraction for anglers seeking a taste of success. The reason the river is so highly populated is due to the fact that 16,000 rainbow trout and 8,000 Snake River cutthroat trout are stocked by Wyoming Game and Fish every July. It provides for a seemingly endless stream of trout for fishermen to catch, making it hard to imagine a dedicated angler going empty-handed.

Of course, the high population of trout along this part of the river makes for a fantastic opportunity for anglers seeking their next big catch, but it doesn’t lack attractions for individuals who are less inclined to cast a line. For family members who end up tagging along with you, the sights of the wild and natural landscapes provide plenty of reasons to check out this part of the country. The Owl Creek Mountains are visible throughout much of the river, making this location a destination for more than just a dedicated angler. 

If there’s a hidden gem to be found in the southwest, look no further than Thermopolis, Wyoming. It’s a place for families looking for the perfect adventure in the summertime, hidden from the hoards of visitors that can turn a picture-perfect location into a place you’d rather avoid. Thermopolis makes for a great weekend getaway or an ideal stop before heading to Yellowstone National Park. With scenic canyons, historic petroglyph sites, and a plethora of outdoor activities ranging from rafting, fishing, and world-famous hot springs. Thermopolis is the ideal location for those seeking adventure at an easy-going pace. This small-town charm still has plenty of amenities abound, making this spot a place you can explore without being far from the comforts of home.

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